Building a strong, stable foundation  allows you to develop a more positive and rewarding Yoga practice



The Yoga Foundation for Beginners Workshop is a great way to begin or resume your Yoga journey.  


In small groups we introduce you to the fundamental philosophy and practices of Yoga in a relaxed and caring environment


Join us to learn and experience

  • an overview of the history, philosophy and principles of Yoga 

  • a range of breathing techniques

  • foundational seated and standing Yoga postures

  • fundamental Vinyasa flow sequences

  • an introduction to Yin Yoga poses 

  • meditation and relaxation techniques

Participation is limited to a maximum of 12 people per Workshop, ensuring you get the personalised attention you need to approach future Yoga classes with confidence

Nothing to bring but yourselves --- we will provide everything you need, including take-home notes to keep you practising between classes : ) 

2021 Yoga Foundation for Beginners Workshops

subject to confirmation due to Covid-19 restrictions 


Saturday 7 August 2021

Saturday 4 September 2021      

Saturday 2 October 2021

Saturday 6 November 2021  

Saturday 4 December 2021   

All Workshops  11.00am - 12.30 pm


Liquid Room, 191 Bay Road, Sandringham


Book direct with Liquid Room 

Tel: 9598 9313








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