Vinyasa Flow


Yin Yoga 


Restorative Yoga


Mindful Meditation


Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes align movement with the breath, promoting a deep sense of calm as you build strength, flexibility and awareness.  
Yin Yoga focuses on working into the joints and freeing and releasing the connective tissues - the tendons, ligaments and fascia.  Yin Yoga helps to undo the effects of our modern, sedentary lives and return our bodies towards equilibrium.  Yin postures target specific areas of the body, such as the hips and spine, and use extended time in each pose, our own body weight and the effects of gravity to achieve a release in these areas of the body and find a sense of balance. 
Restorative Yoga is a practice that focuses on enabling you to completely relax and replenish depleted energy levels.  These classes incorporate the use of bolsters and props to further enhance and induce feelings of ease, comfort and support - all combining to provide you with a truly nourishing and nurturing experience. 
Each of these classes combines physical practice with Mindful Meditation to enable a more fulfilling and uplifting Yoga experience 
Meditation classes will guide you through a range of different techniques that foster a state of relaxation and calm, creating space for contemplation and self awareness




Traditional yoga postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama) and guided relaxation (yoga nidra) are all incorporated into our classes to help you experience the holistic benefits of a regular yoga practice.


Our classes empower you, enhance your wellbeing and support you physically, mentally and emotionally.

A regular Yoga practice can not only help you build strength and flexibility, it can also help to improve your mood, digestion and circulation, and enable you to deal more effectively with stress and anxiety.

A regular practice also offers you the opportunity to focus on yourself and your needs, in a nurturing and constructive way.  


And if you can make time for yourself, you might just find more joy and meaning in the time you spend with others...

Private Individual & Group Classes can be arranged in studio, in home or in office and we will supply all mats, props and equipment.  


Contact Yvette to discuss your requirements.  


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